Top Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents: No Visa Required

The UAE Residence Visa is one of the strongest visas in the whole world allowing residents to visit a certain number of countries without any prior visa. So, why not take advantage of this blessing? Today, we’ll walk you through a list of Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents.

So, let’s get started with the countries you can visit without any visa with your UAE Passport.

List of Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents

You can travel to the following most beautiful countries and take your time off from your hectic routine and relax in peace.


Thailand is always on top of the list of travelers because of its charming sceneries and unending beautiful natural sights and with your UAE Passport, you can visit Thailand without any prior visa.

You can visit the Safari World Bangkok which is heaven for travelers visiting Thailand. It comprises of the two parks: Marine Park and Safari Park. It allows nature lovers to visit the wildlife and explore the aquatic animals. Make sure to visit the dolphin show on your visit.

Safari World Bangkok
Safari World Bangkok

After exhausting yourself at the Safari World, head to Phuket Island to release your physical and mental stress and take a dive there. You can also attend the Island Tour trip where you’ll be visiting Maya, Phi Phi, and Khayi Islands. You can enjoy diving into crystal clear water there.

Once you’ve enjoyed enough, it’s time to eat to your appetite and luckily Thailand has got you covered. You can enjoy your favorite dishes at the Chao Phraya Princess Cuisines and don’t forget to explore the river along with it.

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The next visa free country for UAE residents on the list is Japan. It’s also called the Land of the Rising Sun because it’s located in the extreme east.

If you’re an anime lover, then Japan is a blessing for you. If you’re a Naruto fan you can visit the world’s biggest Naruto Theme Park located in Japan. The world’s happiest place Tokyo Disney Resort is also located in Japan, and you can have the ultimate fun there.

While in Japan, you must pay a visit to Universal Studios Japan where you can refresh your childhood memories with Super Nintendo World Japan, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and Yoshi’s Adventure.

Not only that but Japan has advanced in the technical area as well and if you’re a technical geek, do make a planned visit at TeamLab Planets.

A Temple in Japan
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The next on the list of visa free countries for UAE residents is Singapore. Make sure to pay a visit to Universal Studios Singapore, where you can have fun with your kids.

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

If you’re a nature lover then make sure to note down these things in your diary once you visit Singapore: Supertrees, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest.

At Supertrees, you can explore the 200 species of plants that come to life at night because of the light show.

At Flower Dome, you can see nine gardens comprising all the flowers located above sea level.

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The Philippines also called the Pearl of the Orient Seas is on the list of visa free countries for UAE residents. If you love the oceans, then the Philippines is all you need to visit to relax your mind. You can visit the Manila Ocean Park.

Manila Ocean Park
Manila Ocean Park

If you want to spend your time at the beach you can visit El Nido with its white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. You can have a sun bath there and relax your mind.

After that don’t forget to pay a visit to Boracay, a popular island beach where you can experience the beautiful scenery and unforgettable beach experience.

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Indonesia is at the top of the list for travelers welcoming over 200 Million tourists every year. The top tourist spot in Indonesia is Bali because of its amazing beaches and skies experiences.


You must have seen people posting Bali pictures on social media. Now, it’s your time to make a visit there and flood social media with your Bali posts.

Additionally, you can also pay a visit to Nusa Penida.


Malaysia is one of the most multicultural countries and a perfect place for UAE Residents to visit and enjoy. If you’re an aquatic geek then it’s a plus benefit as it has one of the best aquariums in the whole world; Aquaria KLLC which is situated in KL City Center. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a new world.

You can have a birds eye view of the beautiful greenish scenery of Malaysia with the Langkawi Cable Car. Don’t forget to take your camera with you and capture the beautiful moments.

Langkawi Cable Car
Langkawi Cable Car

South Korea

South Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm, is on the list of the UAE Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents.

You can visit Nami Island and relax your mind with a calm environment and explore the natural forestation and different species of plants there.

If you’re a fan of K-Drama, then you must have seen N Seoul Tower which is a historical monument. It also houses some of the tourist attractions such as a showcasing room representing Hello Kitty, Disney, DC, and Marvel Toys and Ssentoy Museum.

Don’t forget to visit South Korea’s first-ever wooden roller coaster T Express in the Everland Korea Theme Park.

Everland Korea Theme Park
Everland Korea Theme Park


Yes, recently Turkey has announced that UAE citizens can now visit Turkey without any visa.

UAE residents can visit Singapore without any visa.


A complete list of the Visa Free Countries for UAE Residents has been provided above along with the top spots you can visit in each country. So, before visiting any country write down the places you want to visit and plan your journey accordingly so you can visit the maximum places during your stay period.

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