How to Apply for a Qatar Visit Visa? Your Complete Guide

Inspired by the remarkable desert scenery, glittering sky of Doha, and uncountable benefits, you must want to visit Qatar. It’s not solely you, but it’s the whole globe. In order to step into Qatar, you’ll need to have a Qatar Visit Visa, but you might be afraid of the paperwork needed to apply for the visit visa. Worry not; we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’ll walk you through how to apply for a Qatar visit visa along with the Qatar visit visa requirements, fees, and what documents you need. So, let’s get started.

Types of Qatar Visit Visas

Before initiating the procedure, it’s crucial to understand various types of visit visas so you can apply for one in accordance with your needs. Let’s have a look at the types of visit visas.

Visa-Free Entry

According to an update in 2023, visitors from 95 countries are now eligible for visa-free entry to Qatar. There’s no need to avail of the visa before landing in Qatar. Upon reaching Qatar, you’ll be allocated the visa-on-arrival.

However, you need to have the following things if you’re eligible for visa-free entry:

  • A Legitimate Passport (With at least 6 months of expiry)
  • Roundtrip Tickets
  • Confirmed Hotel Booking
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Visa On Arrival

Quite a number of nationalities are allowed to have a visa on arrival to Qatar. So, if you’re one of them, take full advantage of this opportunity. Make sure to have the following documents with you:

  • Confirmed Hotel Bookings
  • A Legitimate Passport (With at least 6 months of expiry)
  • Roundtrip Tickets
  • Printed Visa Approval Letter

Qatar Transit Visa

If you’re moving from one country to another and in between the routes, your flight stay will be in Qatar, then you can apply for a Qatar Transit Visa, with which you can stay in Qatar for 96 hours. Make sure to note the following things:

  • It should be applied online in advanced.
  • It’s offered to all nationalities.
  • It’s applicable only if you have an onward flight ticket.
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Qatar Business Visa

If you’re traveling to Qatar for work, conferences, short meetings, or projects, you can apply for a Qatar business visa. Make sure to note the following things for that:

  • Letter of Invitation is required.
  • These are either 72-hour visas or 30 to 90-day-long visas.
  • Documents and fees vary depending on the nationality.

Qatar Online Tourist Visa

Those passionate about traveling and love exploring new places can apply for a Qatar Tourist Visa, valid for up to 30 days. You can apply for the e-Visa through the MOI portal. While applying, make sure to follow the following things:

  • Pay 100 QAR Fee
  • Fill in the application online
  • Upload the necessary supporting documents

You’ll receive your Qatar tourist visa within 1-3 days from the date of the approval.

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Family Visit Visa

If you’re living in Qatar and you want to invite your family, including your spouse, children, and parents, then you can apply for a family visit visa, which will be valid for 30 days at first, and you can extend it further for up to 6 months after the medical examination. Find out more about this visa at how to apply for a Qatar family visit visa.

Qatar Visa for GCC Residents

If you’re a GCC National and want to travel to Qatar either for work or tourism you can apply for a GCC resident visa either online or you can get it on arrival. Make sure to note the following things:

  • You’ll need to represent a job proof from your native GCC country.
  • It’s valid for 30 days and extendable up to 90 days.

So, that are some types of the Qatar Visit Visa. If you’re a freelancer explore how to get freelance visa in Qatar.

Types of Qatar Visit Visa
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How To Apply for a Qatar Visit Visa?

Let’s get started with the procedure to apply for a Qatar visit visa. Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: First of all, decide what type of visit visa you want to apply for, depending on your needs.
  • Step 2: The next step is to ensure that you have the following documents ready:
  • Visa Application Form (Filled Online)
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation in Qatar
  • A Valid Passport Copy (Remaining validity should be more than 6 months)
  • Passport Size Photographs with white background
  • Step 3: Now, log in to the official embassy site (MOI Portal) and select the visa category.
  • Step 4: Fill in the details and upload the supporting documents.
  • Step 5: Pay the fee and confirm the application.
  • Step 6: Once you’re done with the above steps, you’ll receive the electronic Qatar Visa through email within 1 to 3 business days.
  • Step 7: Upon boarding the flight, you must possess the following documents:
  • A Valid Passport
  • Roundtrip Ticket
  • Electronic or Printed Visa Approval Letter
  • Confirmed Hotel Reservation

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What Is The Duration of a Qatar Visit Visa?

There are different durations for different visit visas. Let’s have a glance at them:

  • Tourist Visas: In case you’ve applied for a tourist visa, you’ll be allowed to stay in Qatar for 30 days for a single stay. However, it can be extended up to 90 days.
  • Family Visit Visa: If you’re on a family visit visa, you can reside in Qatar for an extended period of about 6 months.
  • Visa-Free Entries: If you’re on a visa-free entry visa, the stay period varies from nationality to nationality. However, you can extend your visa for up to 90 days.
  • Transit Visa: If you’re on a transit visa, you can stay in Qatar for a maximum of 96 hours, and it’s crucial to note that you won’t be able to extend your transit visa in any case.
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How To Extend Visit Visa in Qatar?

Sometimes, you may need to extend your visit visa, and you might be unaware of how to do it. You can follow the steps below to extend your visit visa.

  • Step 1: First, make sure that your visit visa is extendable.
  • Step 2: If it’s extendable, make sure to have the following documents ready:
  • Visa Number
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Visa Expiry Date
  • Step 3: Now, visit the official MOI portal.
  • Step 4: Click on “Visa Services”.
  • Step 5: Click on “Visit Visa Extension”.
  • Step 6: Enter either your “Visa Number” or “Passport Number” and select your “Nationality.”
  • Step 7: Enter the “Verification Code” and click “Extend”.
Click on Visa Services, then click on Visit Visa Extension, enter visa number and Nationality and Click on Extend
  • Step 8: Select the duration for which you want to extend your visa.
  • Step 9: Pay the “Fee”.
  • Step 10: Wait for the confirmation message and once you receive the confirmation message, your visa will be extended successfully.

For more details, you can visit How To Extend Visit Visa in Qatar.


No matter from which country you belong, you can apply for a visit visa in Qatar simply by filling out the application form and paying the fee.

The Qatar Tourist Visa costs 100 QAR, Business Visa costs 200 QAR, and the Transit visa is free of charge.


A complete guide on how to apply for a Qatar Visit Visa, along with its requirements and fee, has been shared above. Make sure to carefully follow the above procedure to avoid any mistakes while applying for the visit visa.

Do let us know if you face any issues while following the above guide.

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