How to Apply for Qatar ID in 2024? A Complete Guide

If you’re residing and working in Qatar, you must be aware of the importance of the Qatar ID. Aside from being an identity document, it also acts as a permission card to provide you with various benefits including opening a bank account, accessing medical and health services, and other government-linked services. So, it’s important to have one. If you’re new to Qatar, we’ll walk you through how to apply for Qatar ID. It’s mandatory for both Qatar citizens and expatriates living in Qatar to have one.

So, let’s get started with our Qatar ID guide.

How To Apply for Qatar ID?

No matter whether you’re an expatriate or Qatari citizen, you must have a QID as it’s proof of your identity while living in Qatar. Follow the steps to get started with the “How to Apply for Qatar ID” Guide.

  • Step 1: First of all, visit the MOI portal. Click on Department Services>Official Document Services>Qatar ID Application.
  • Step 2: Make sure to have the following documents:
  • Original Passport and Copy
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Consent of Guardian (For People Under the age of 18)
  • Two Recent Passport-Size Photographs (For people under 12 years and over 65 years of age)
  • Blood Group Certificate
  • Parents ID Cards’ Copies
  • If the applicant is above 12 years of age and applying for the first time, then he should be physically present at the Qatar ID Card Office.
  • Your Biometrics will be taken at the ID Card Office.
  • Step 3: The employer will be responsible for paying your QID’s fee. Normally, it costs around 100 QAR for the issuance of a new Qatar ID.

Once you’ve applied for QID, you can track the status of your ID at MOI Qatar ID Check. So, that’s How to Apply for Qatar ID.

Documents Required for Qatar ID
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Types of Qatar ID Cards

QID Card allows residents to access various services, including opening a bank account, doing financial transactions, accessing medical benefits, and other things as well, but it’s important to note that QID is different for both citizens and expatriates.

So, let’s have a look at them.

If you've lost your QID, find out what to do now at What To Do If I Lost My Qatar ID Guide.

State of Qatar ID Card (For Qatari Citizens)

Qatari citizens get the State of Qatar ID Card, which contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Picture
  • Date of Birth
  • ID Number
  • Nationality
  • Signature
  • Expiry Date
Design of State of Qatar ID Card

State of Qatar Residency Permit (For Qatari Expatriates)

Qatari Expatriates get the State of Qatar Residency Permit, which contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Picture
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Work Address
  • Occupation
  • Signature
  • Passport Information
  • QID Number
Design of State of Qatar Residency Permit

The State of Qatar Residency Permit comes in two types:

  • A Simple Plastic Card
  • A Smart ID Card
So, your Qatar visa is ready to print? You can print it at Print Qatar Visa Guide.

What are the Benefits of a Smart Qatar ID Card?

Qatar Smart ID Card comes with several benefits. Let’s have a look at them:

Enhanced Security

In comparison to the traditional ID card, the smart ID card comes with an electronic chip that gives it an edge in being fraud-resistant and difficult to duplicate. So, the frauds can no longer steal your important information.

Availability for Expats

Expatriates living in Qatar can also apply for the smart ID Card by paying an additional fee of 100 QAR. It’s important to note that the application fee and security are also covered by the card fee.

If you've applied for a Qatar visa, you can the status of your visa at Qatar Visa Check.

Embedded Microchip

A smart ID card is embedded with an electronic microchip that contains all of your information, including your name, address, QID number, signatures, and all other details, and it stores all of your information in the chip instead of a database that gives it an additional security layer.

Facility of Government Transactions

With the help of your smart ID card, you can also do online transactions for government services, as your ID card is linked directly to your government information.

Secure E-Gate

The best thing about the smart ID card is its secured e-gate that allows you to enter and exit the airport just using your ID card whenever you want.


Normally, the fee for the smart QID card is 100 QAR.

Once you’ve applied for Qatar ID, you’ll receive it within three weeks.

No, you can enter the Qatar with an expired QID. In order to enter Qatar, you must get your QID renewed first.


A complete procedure on how to apply for Qatar ID has been explained above, along with its benefits. Make sure to have the documents mentioned above ready when you’re applying for the Qatar ID.

Do let us know if you face any issues in the comments section.

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