Kuwait Travel Ban Check 2024: Check Your Kuwait Travel Ban Status

Before starting your tour planning to Kuwait, it’s crucial to check if you have any Kuwait Travel Ban. You might have been to Kuwait in the past and gotten into some violations, or maybe you belong to a country that might be temporarily banned in Kuwait, or it could be any scenario. So, you must ensure you have a green signal to enter Kuwait. Today, we’ll walk you through how to do the Kuwait Travel Ban Check and make sure you’re eligible to enter Kuwait.

So, let’s get started.

How To Do Kuwait Travel Ban Check Online?

You can check whether you have a travel ban or not by visiting the official Kuwait Government website. Follow the steps below of the “Kuwait Travel Ban Check – Guide” to get started.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Kuwait Government‘ website’s Personal Inquiry about MOI Services.
  • Step 2: As can be seen, you can check your Travel Ban. Click on “Start eService” to proceed.
Click on Start eService
  • Step 3: Log in to the portal by entering your “Civil ID” and “Verification Code”.
  • Step 4: Click on “Individuals”.
  • Step 5: Now, click on “Electronic Inquiries.”
  • Step 6: Click on “Travel Ban Data”.
  • Step 7: Enter your “Civil ID Number” and click “Query“. You’ll be able to see the status of whether you have any travel ban.

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How To Check the Kuwait Travel Ban Through the Ministry of Justice?

Another way to proceed with Kuwait Travel Ban Check is through the Ministry of Justice website. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Step 1: Visit the Kuwait Ministry of Justice website.
  • Step 2: Click on “Travel Ban Request“.
Click on Travel Ban
  • Step 3: Enter your “Civil ID” and click on “Query“. You’ll be able to see your travel ban status.

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What is the Kuwait Travel Ban?

Kuwait Travel Ban is the travel limit issued to individuals that prevent them from entering and leaving Kuwait’s premises as per the order of the government of the State of Kuwait. This ban can be due to child custody disputes, criminal records, or national security concerns. So, the individuals on the travel ban list can’t enter or leave Kuwait unless these travel bans have been lifted.

Categories of Kuwait Travel Ban

Let’s have a look at the various categories of the travel ban.

  • Personal Ban: In this case, an individual may not be allowed to travel because of personal or financial issues.
  • Limited Ban: Tourists or workers with health and security concerns can face a limited ban by the Kuwaiti Government; however, citizens and officials can still enter Kuwait.
  • Country Warnings: Due to some ongoing issues and disputes with some countries, the Kuwaiti Government can issue country warnings for your own safety.
  • Complete Ban: A complete ban is issued in case of crisis, and in this case, individuals from all nationalities are prohibited from entering and leaving Kuwait.
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How To Get Rid Of the Travel Ban?

In case you have a travel ban, you can lift it off by paying the travel ban fine.

  • Visit any MOI Service Center and ask them to check your Travel Ban history.
  • Pay the fine, whatever it is, and your travel ban will soon be lifted.

Note: By paying your fee through the Ministry of Justice, your travel ban will be lifted one day after your payment is received.

Reasons for the Kuwait Travel Ban

Let’s have a look at the most common reasons responsible for implementing a travel ban on individuals.

  • Legal Obligations: Individuals engaged in lawsuits or any other criminal records are prohibited from traveling out of the bounds of Kuwait unless the charges have been lifted.
  • Security Threats: Individuals suspected of having any links with mafia or violent groups are not allowed to enter or leave Kuwait.
  • Government Orders: The government can prohibit a particular group from traveling out of Kuwait. In order to move out, a police clearance certificate is needed.
  • Financial Obligations: In case of any unpaid loans, debts, bills, and fines, individuals may be prevented from traveling out of Kuwait.
  • Health Crisis: In case of a pandemic or to control the spread of the disease, a travel ban can be imposed to prevent the spread.
  • Child Custody: In the case of child custody, the parents may be banned from traveling with their child.

So, make sure to do Kuwait Travel Ban Check before starting your planning to Kuwait.

Reasons for the Kuwait Travel Ban

How Long Does The Travel Ban Remain?

Let’s explore how long it takes to lift the Kuwait Travel Ban.

  • Once you’ve paid your fines, the travel will be lifted within four working days.
  • In case more than 4 days have passed, visit the nearest Police Station.
  • Make sure to carry the fine payment receipts with you.
  • You can check the status online as well.
  • It’s advised not to travel unless the ban has been lifted completely.
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How To Lift Kuwait Travel Ban Online?

You can also lift the travel ban by paying your fines online.

  • Visit the official MOI portal.
  • Search for the “Travel Ban Payment“.
  • Enter your Civil ID, Mobile Number, and Email.
  • Proceed with the fine payment, and after 4 days, you’ll be all set to travel without any worries.


Visit the MOI website> Log in or register> Inquiries> Travel ban> Enter Civil ID> Check Status> Pay the fine.

Visit the nearest MOI Service Center and ask them to check for your Travel Ban. Pay the required fine, and your travel ban will be lifted after 4 working days.

You can visit Kuwait government offices and courts to resolve disputes concerning the Kuwait Travel Ban fines.


A complete guide on how to do a Kuwait Travel Ban Check and how you can resolve your travel ban by paying the fines has been provided above. Make sure to follow the procedure as mentioned above to avoid getting stuck in any step.

Do let us know if you face any issues while following the procedure mentioned above. If you want to check your Qatar ID status you can check it at MOI Qatar ID Check.

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